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Furnace repair Kingston, save $100 your repair
Furnace repair Kingston, save $100 your repair

Furnace Repair Services Kingston

For furnace repair in Kingston, choose Haven Home Heating for high-quality solutions tailored to your needs.

A dependable and effective heating system is necessary to keep your home warm and cozy throughout those chilly Ontario winters. Our team of certified and experienced HVAC technicians is here to provide top-notch furnace repair services in Kingston that have your heating system operating correctly in no time!

We’ll make sure that your heating system performs at its peak level, giving you the comfort and peace of mind you deserve. 

Get 24/7/365 Expert Furnace Repair in Kingston

Haven Home Heating takes pride in partnering with homeowners throughout the Kingston, Ontario community and surrounding neighborhoods. No matter the size or the scope of the repair you’re experiencing, homeowners can rest assured knowing their home is in good hands with our technicians.

When it comes to repairing your heating system, it’s essential that you don’t delay fixing the problem as it can lead to further damages that cost more to repair. Luckily, we provide same day repairs with our team of certified HVAC technicians, we’ll be around to help you resolve any problems as soon as you identify them!

What to Expect from the Kingston HVAC Pros at Haven Home

·  Local home HVAC repair technicians on call providing same day repair 24/7/365, with NO EXTRA CHARGE for weekend, holiday, or after-hours service.

·  Benefits of 20+ years’ experience in quality service for homeowners in communities like Kingston.

·  Reliable home HVAC installation, maintenance & repair from TSSA-certified experts.

·  Service backed by guarantees that help ensure you & your family get the best in home comfort.

·  Customer satisfaction comes first: average 4.9/5 rating on Google & 96% rating on HomeStars!

Haven Home Heating is your go-to company for timely, competent, and dependable furnace repairs, regardless of the severity of the problem your furnace is having. Book your repair appointment with the team at Haven Home Heating in Kingston over the phone, or use our online booking form! We look forward to partnering with you!

Furnace Repair Kingston FAQs

To identify and address problems with your heating system, a furnace repair service usually takes several steps. Although all furnaces and repairs are different, an expert furnace repair service should entail the following:

1. Initial inspection: The technician will examine the furnace first before questioning you about any particular issues or symptoms you’ve observed. They could also ask about previous furnace maintenance as well.

2. Repairs: A technician will offer you a thorough report along with suggestions for any problems they discover during the examination. They will then carry out the needed repairs and provide a detailed report on what actions they took to remedy the issue. 

3. Testing and calibration: To make sure the furnace is running at its highest level of efficiency, the technician will inspect and adjust it.

4. Safety inspections: The technician will conduct safety inspections to make sure there are no leaks of carbon monoxide or other potentially dangerous conditions, particularly with gas furnaces.

5. Final check: The technician will do a last check to ensure the furnace is operating correctly after all repairs have been made.

6. Recommendations: The technician may also provide you suggestions for routine maintenance or energy-efficient modifications to increase the lifespan and efficiency of your furnace moving forward. 

Is your home’s furnace acting up? If so, the team at Haven Home Heating is here to help!

Contact the team at Haven Home Heating to schedule a furnace repair in Kingston, Ontario! Our staff of certified HVAC specialists is on call 24/7/365, including weekends, federal holidays, and beyond regular business hours, for maintenance and repair services! To arrange an appointment, use our online booking form or give us a call!

In order to keep your house warm throughout the wintertime, it’s essential to make sure your furnace is in good working order. The following are some typical warning indications that your furnace may require an immediate repair:

·  Inadequate heat: Although the furnace is running, your home is not appropriately heated.

·  Cold spots: Uneven heating causes certain rooms to be either too hot or too cold.

·  Increased energy bills: Surprisingly expensive heating bills despite no changes in your heating habits.

·  Odd noises: Unusual sounds, such as hammering or shrieking, are strange noises.

·  Short cycling: Furnace regularly cycles between on and off.

·  Yellow pilot light: Gas furnaces have a yellow pilot light in place of a blue one.

·  Odd smells: strange smells coming from your unit. 

·  Soot or excessive dust: The furnace is surrounded by soot or excessive dust.

·  Cold air: Your furnace blows cold air instead of heat. 

It’s essential to handle any of these signs as soon as you discover them by getting in touch with a qualified HVAC technician in order to prevent further damage from occurring.

Get in touch with the staff at Haven Home Heating to arrange a Kingston, Ontario, furnace repair! For repairs and maintenance work, our team of licensed HVAC experts is available 24/7/365, including on weekends, holidays, and after regular business hours! Use our online scheduling form or call to make an appointment!

Your home’s furnace system is bound to make noises from time to time as it operates. That said, strange noises from furnaces can occur for a variety of reasons, and these noises may be an indication of problems with your heating system. Therefore, it’s essential that homeowners learn to identify the sounds they’re hearing in order to better discern whether or not a professional is needed to inspect their unit. As such, the following are some typical furnace sounds and some of their possible causes:

·  Banging or popping: The expanding and contracting of the furnace’s ducting as it warms up and cools down might produce banging or popping sounds. This noise is frequently common. The extreme banging, though, can point to a duct or blower issue. 

·  Squealing: High-pitched squealing sounds are sometimes caused by issues with the blower motor or blower belt. It can be necessary to change a worn-out belt as soon as possible or have a technician lubricate the part. 

·  Rattling: The cause of rattling sounds may be the furnace’s internal components, such as loose screws. Check the unit for any loose parts, and have a technician tighten them if necessary.

·  Humming or buzzing: Electrical problems like a faulty wire, a malfunctioning transformer, or an unreliable electric motor can cause humming or buzzing sounds. A qualified electrician or HVAC specialist should take care of these problems.

·  Whining or whistling: These noises may be caused by ducting air leaks. Your furnace’s efficiency can be impacted by leaky ducts, which should be sealed. 

·  Clicking: The furnace may make clicking noises when it turns on and off. However, severe or persistent clicking that doesn’t result in the furnace lighting could be a sign of an ignition issue.

·  Gurgling: Gurgling sounds may indicate a problem with the condensate drain. These noises could be the result of the drain being clogged or installed incorrectly.

·  Booming sounds (gas furnace): A postponed ignition could be the cause of your gas furnace booming when it starts. It might be brought on by an accumulation of gas before ignition in the combustion process. This is a severe safety issue that has to be resolved right away.

Remember, while some noises are minor, some may be signs of more significant problems. It is recommended to call a certified HVAC professional to evaluate and identify the issue and carry out any required repairs as soon as possible. Delaying any repairs can lead to more severe problems that are more expensive to fix and more damaging to your equipment.

Do any of these sounds look familiar? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Haven Home Heating to schedule a furnace repair in Kingston, Ontario! Our team of certified HVAC technicians is available 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays for repairs and maintenance services!

Book your appointment over the phone or use our online scheduling form!

Your furnace is a complex piece of equipment that requires ongoing maintenance throughout its service life. So, when homeowners fail to book an annual maintenance appointment from the time their equipment is installed, their furnace can become susceptible to a wide range of damages that require immediate repair. Here is a closer look at some of the most common reasons why your home’s furnace may be experiencing difficulties:

·  Problems with your thermostat: Check that it is in the “heat” mode and set it to the appropriate temperature. Occasionally, the issue can be resolved with a quick adjustment to the thermostat. If this is not the case, then it may be something internally within the system.

·  Power source: Check to see if the furnace has power. To ensure that it hasn’t tripped or blown a fuse, inspect the circuit breaker or fuse box. All electrical problems will need to be dealt with by a technician, given the complexity and safety hazards.

·  Pilot light or ignition issues (gas furnaces): Make sure the pilot light is lighted if you have a gas furnace. You might need to have a technician relight it if it isn’t. Electronic ignition systems in modern furnaces are also susceptible to failure. 

·  Blocked air filters: Filters that are dirty or obstructed might limit airflow, which can make the furnace overheat and shut off. Regularly swap out or clean the filters to avoid this problem. We recommend having the filter changed once every three months. 

·  Difficulties with the blower motor: A broken blower motor can stop the warm air from moving in your home. Keep an ear out for any odd sounds coming from the motor.

·  Obstructed ducts: Make sure there are no blockages in the air vents or ducts since obstructions in the airflow can impair the functioning of the furnace.

·  Supply problems: Check to see sure the gas supply is on and that there are no problems with the gas line if you have a gas furnace.

·  Gas furnace flame sensor: A gas furnace’s flame sensor can get dusty or rusted and stop the furnace from keeping lit. Sometimes, the flame sensor has to be cleaned or replaced.

·  Problems with the limit switch: The limit switch keeps track of the furnace’s temperature. If it breaks down, the furnace may shut off too soon or fail to turn on at all.

·  Electronic control board issues: Problems with the electronic control boards found in current furnaces: Over time, these boards can malfunction. It’s essential to get professional advice if you think there might be a problem with the control board.

·  Gas furnace dirty burners: Your gas furnace’s efficiency may be impacted by dirty burners. This will require cleaning by a professional. 

It’s recommended to speak with a qualified HVAC specialist right away if you can’t locate the problem on your own. Repairing a furnace yourself can be risky, especially when dealing with gas furnaces, because it can be complicated. A qualified expert can identify the issue and make the required repairs to have your furnace operating safely and effectively.

Haven Home Heating is available for all repairs and maintenance services in Kingston, Ontario, 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays, at no extra cost to you! Call and speak to a team member directly, or use our online booking form!

The Haven Home Advantage

  • Guaranteed Comfort – Comfort is what we do. We aren’t satisfied until you’re 100% satisfied with our work. That’s why all of our work is backed by a We Respect You™ guarantee.
  • Expert Technicians – Our technicians are customer service experts as well as certified technical experts. All our technicians undergo background checks and are Right Time™ certified to provide service you can trust.
  • Commitment to Excellence – We know that 70% of HVAC issues are due to improper installation so we strive to do better. We make sure that your new equipment is installed correctly the first time.
  • Over 25 Years of Experience – Haven Home has been serving the Kingston area since 1996, which means you’ll receive expert service from our knowledgeable technicians.

Our Guarantees

We stand behind our work and our people. For up to 2 years from the day we install a new heating or cooling unit, we will repair, replace, or refund anything necessary until you are 100% satisfied. That’s our guarantee to you.

Why Choose Us?


No Loopholes™

If you are not completely satisfied with our services within 2 years of installation, we’ll make it right. No loopholes, guaranteed.


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If your unit breaks down within 2 years of installation, we’ll repair it within 24 hours or give you $1,000 for your troubles. Same Day Repairs, No hassles, guaranteed.


Just Right™

If your unit is too hot or too cold, we’ll make it right, including a complete replacement if necessary. Just right, guaranteed.


We Respect You™

If we are disrespectful or if we fail to keep your home clean and damage-free, we’ll give you our full, 5-year Just Right™ Check Up Protection Plan for free. We respect you, guaranteed. No hassles, guaranteed.

What Homeowners Say About Haven Home’s HVAC Services

I contacted Haven Home at 2:38 and repairs were complete before 5:30. Nick Patterson arrived with a positive attitude and conducted himself very professionally. Nick explained everything and took care of the job quickly. I definitely recommend Haven Home and won’t hesitate to call them in the future.”

“I recently moved to the area and have had Haven Home out to my house a few times – most recently for a furnace repair and a gasket replacement on my woodstove. I can’t say enough good things. They are responsive, polite, thorough, knowledgeable…everything you could ask for. I’ve signed up for their service plan. “

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All our installations are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of installation.

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Expert service whenever you need it, for no extra charge – twenty-four-hours a day, seven days a week.

Experts With Experience

We have expertise you can trust with over 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry.

Certified Technicians

We perform background checks and extensively train our technicians to be Right Time™ certified.

Locally Based & Operated

Haven Home has been based in Kingston since 1996. We’ve had a lot of time to get to know our neighbours.

Exceptional Customer Service

We have a 4.9 star rating on Google, and a 96% rating on HomeStars.

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What Homeowners Say About Us

I contacted Haven Home at 2:38 and repairs were complete before 5:30. Nick Patterson arrived with a positive attitude and conducted himself very professionally. Nick explained everything and took care of the job quickly. I definitely recommend Haven Home and won’t hesitate to call them in the future.

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